-Evil Genius These Pretzels Are 
Making Me Thirsty- 5.6%
(Philadelphia P.A.)
one of Philadelphia's favorite snacks! notes of fresh, toasty 
pretzels, rye bread, a hint
of gentle spice German-style rye lager

-Bell’s Oh Captain!

My Captain!- 5.5%
(Kalamazoo M.I.)
floral, fruity and citrus notes are matched with the clean,black lager, crisp finish of a lager.

-Newburgh The Litmus Test-.5%
(Newburgh N.Y.)
brewed with hibiscus & white tea, giving it flavors of berry, red candy, complemented by gentle herbal & tart notes

-Toppling Goliath King

Sue Double IPA- 7.8%
(Decorah I.A.)
hazy double IPA gains its hints of mango, orange, and pineapple

-Graft Last Camp Cider -6.9%
(Newburgh N.Y..)
honey horchata cider with cinnamon, cocoa powder, birch bark, vanilla, and honey, tart undertones

-River Horse Da’ Nile- 5.9%
(Ewing N.J.)
deep amber ale, hints of

vanilla & molasses 

-2SP Baby Bob Stout- 6%
(Aston P.A.)
bold, dry & roasty, not your typical stout, American stout is on the hoppier side, balanced nicely
 against the dark roasted malt.

-Conshohocken Life

Coach Session IPA-5.1%
(Conshohocken P.A.)
juicy citrus, well balanced, refreshing, slight bitterness,

easy drinking

-ARS Heirloom Wheat Saison- 5%
(Philadelphia P.A.)
sweet hops, notes of basil & thyme, refreshing, wheat notes

-Boulevard Steep Drop

Nitro Coffee Stout-5.2%
(Kansas City M.O.)
smooth creamy milk stout, notes of honey molasses citrus & cocoa powder, mild nutty flavor touch of flake notes

-Victory Winter Cheers- 6.7%
(Downingtown P.A..)
notes of citrusy fruit and holiday spice, refreshing wheat beer,

easy drinking

-Peroni Italian Lager- 5.0%
(Rome Italy)
classic crisp Italian lager,

easy drinking

​​Italian Craft Bottled Birra

-Double Nickel Belgian Golden Ale- 8%
(Pennsauken N.J.)
refreshing flavors of citrus, banana, and clove notes of hops, coriander, and spice with a smooth candied sugar

-Yards Philly Pale Ale- 4.6%
(Philadelphia P.A.)
dry hopped, simcoe hops, more drinkable 
than bitter, heavy citrus notes

-Conshohocken Nightmare

On Elm Street- 5.8%
(Conshohocken P.A.)
aromas and flavors of pumpkin pie spice addition of pumpkin and honey malt in the mash gives a depth of flavor to this auburn, autumn ale

-Troegs Hop Knife Harvest IPA- 6.2%
(Hershey P.A.)
sticky citrus rind, pine balm, pineapple & tropical aromas.

-Six Point Bengali IPA-6.6%
(Brooklyn N.Y.)
tropical hop character up front, super clean, with a dryness on the back end that leaves you wanting more

-Dogfish Liquid Truth Serum IPA-7%
(Milton D.E.)
citrus, tropical notes, zesty, low bitterness

-Seasonal Cider-
ask server for whats in

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